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Competitive intelligence is one of the leading conditions for the effective implementation of business activities, is a powerful and highly effective tool for ensuring the viability and commercial success of a business structure.

The main purposes of the competitive intelligence system:
  • providing management with reliable, objective and complete information about the intentions of counterparties, strengths and weaknesses of competitors;
  • collecting data that allows you to influence on the position of opponents during business negotiations;
  • notification of possible emergence of crisis situations;
  • monitoring and control of the implementation progress of the concluded contracts and previously reached agreements;
  • timely provision of management with reliable and complete information about the competitive situation around the company;
  • foreseeing of the competitor's policy and defining it by taking preventive measures;
  • collection and analysis of strategic information about processes in the economy, politics that affect the company's activities;
  • determination of directions for further long-term development of the company in the market of goods and services;
  •  clarification of the structure and dynamics of the market in which the company operates (or plans to operate).
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