Best Security Company | Cisco Systems

Cisco’s Customer Experience organization reports that 44% of support cases are resolved in a day or less and 75% successfully reduce the risk of downtime.

The Cisco Secure portfolio offers three distinct advantages: First, the breadth of its products and size of Cisco’s customer base means it has a large footprint in an industry where scale matters. Hundreds of millions of protected endpoints and users, billions of DNS requests, and millions of authentications mean Cisco sees more threats and vulnerabilities than most anyone else. Second, Cisco Talos has become the largest private-sector threat research team in the industry; researchers work with Cisco’s own telemetry and global private and public sector organizations to protect organizations operations and missions. Finally, Cisco’s integrated platform approach lets its products talk to one another with leading integration of third-party security solutions to automate visibility and response to threats.

All of this has created a $3.2 billion security business that’s growing at 12% annually for Cisco. Strong customer service has become a large part of the reason behind Cisco’s growth in the security market. The company offers both technical and professional services to support implementation and incident response. Automation and orchestration services maximize the value of Cisco SecureX, its detection and response platform. Zero Trust Strategy Services help customers implement a zero trust approach for the workforce and workloads.

As an added benefit, Cisco’s Talos Incident Response retainer means its experts can respond fast to cyber threats, and that customers are assisted by one of the largest and most respected cybersecurity intelligence organizations in the world.

“Our vision is to empower the world to fulfill its potential, securely – via our mission of becoming our customers’ most trusted partner with effective security,” the company said in its entry.

Source: SC Magazine