NBI launches investigation into cyberattack on Finnish parliament website

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has launched an investigation into a DoS attack that allegedly originated in Russia.

The website of the Finnish Parliament was down on Tuesday afternoon due to a DoS cyberattack that started at 2:30 pm. A group of Russian hackers calling themselves NoName057(16) claimed on their Telegram channel that they were behind the attack. “We decided to make a “friendly” visit to neighboring Finland, whose authorities are so eager to join NATO,” NoName057 (16) said.

The Finnish Parliament said they are working with the National Cyber ​​Security Center and service providers to restore the website.

On Wednesday morning, the NBI said it had launched an investigation into the cyberattack. The agency said the attack came from dozens of foreign IP addresses, but did not provide more details.

Source: Yle