How to maintain business security in 2021

The last 12 months have been challenging for a wide variety of businesses. Indeed, the latest lockdown has meant that 2021 began with yet more remote working and empty office spaces that have needed to safeguarded whilst no one is there. But, as restrictions ease again & physical business locations welcome customers back, now is the ideal time to assess your business security for 2021. So, here’s guide to ensuring your company has a smooth reopening and comprehensive long-term security:

Review your current system

If your security protocols have kept your business property safe whilst you’ve been working from home, that’s certainly a good sign for your current system.

However, after months of being closed, it is essential that you review these measures and test their effectiveness. This is because, after months of remote working, there may be some flaws in your physical business security (and even your online security systems) that might need changing in 2021. If you do spot any issues, you can then speak to an expert or one of your security providers.

Invest in secure payment

Contactless payment systems have offered a great solution to reassure customers that are returning to physical stores after lockdown. But for businesses adopting these for this latest reopening, you should look to choose the most secure payment option and to invest in digital as well as network security products.

Indeed, this reopening also gives businesses an opportunity to update their contactless payment systems, making it a great way to maintain company security this year. Offering effective encryption that protects customer financial data will provide greater peace of mind for your business well beyond COVID-19.

Look into physical security and CCTV

Whether this is after your system review or you’re just concerned about leaving more valuables within your company premises as people return, there are physical security options you can consider. CCTV cameras are one such solution, and these can work alongside alarm systems and access controls to ensure that your business security is even more effective in 2021.

Cyber security focus

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an imminent return to your business locations or you’re maintaining work from home practices, staying on top of cyber security is always vital. If you haven’t installed company-wide anti-virus software and don’t have Effective Password Management or cyber security training in place, then you may well be leaving your business vulnerable. Thus, Understanding Cyber Security will be imperative to maintaining the safety of your business this year.

Source: Professional Security