Most companies are not achieving ROI on digital transformation projects

For many businesses, digital transformation initiatives are not yielding the expected results. As a consequence, the majority (56 percent) are worried about failing to achieve a return on investment (ROI).

This is according to a new report from value stream platform Digital.ai, based on a poll of more than 600 enterprise IT, security, and business decision-makers, which states that a lack of visibility into software planning processes is plaguing businesses.

Less than two-thirds of the poll’s respondents (62 percent) said they can provide much-needed visibility, and a third (34 percent) are said to be doing “poorly” on this front.

Furthermore, there’s a damaging misalignment between software development and delivery processes on one side and business objectives on the other, despite alignment proving “critical” to driving better business outcomes.

While almost all (94 percent) believe software development and delivery must be better linked with business objectives, just over half (54 percent) said they succeed in that respect. On top of that, 78 percent of leaders said Covid-19 has further impacted the alignment between business and IT value streams in their organizations.

“We’ve found that in large enterprises that succeed at true digital transformation, business and technology teams work collaboratively to define value and drive outcomes,” said Derek Langone, Head of Strategic Transformation at Digital.ai.

“These companies typically organize themselves in terms of value streams, employ an open approach to sharing information, and leverage enterprise-grade solutions that offer full visibility and rich, predictive insights across the entire organization.”

Source: ITProPortal