International Academy of Security Management
Take advantage of your professional growth in the security industry

International Academy of Security Management

Take advantage of your professional growth in the security industry
Why us?
Choose us for the Academy's proven and refined technologies and resources cultivated through over two decades of practical experience in the security markets of Ukraine and beyond
  • Practical developments in security
    Our practical security technologies have been successfully implemented across diverse enterprises and organizations, spanning governmental and non-governmental sectors, as well as financial and non-financial institutions
  • Methodical manuals on security
    Scientific and methodological materials on a number of issues in the security system - "Encyclopedia of Security"
  • Experienced team of teachers
    We possess extensive experience in organizing and conducting educational events, including lecture courses and workshops, serving to large international companies, enterprise security specialists, banks, corporations, and renowned Ukrainian universities
  • Experience in building security systems
    Our experience involves a continuous exchange of expertise and best practices in constructing security systems, conducting analytical research, and participating in international investigations alongside world-class experts
  • Practical support of the listener
    We offer assistance in crafting comprehensive document packages for systematic security management, addressing individual components of the security system tailored to each customer's organization
  • Audience of the academy courses
    Our programs are designed to benefit a wide range of professionals, including business owners, managers, heads of security departments, risk management, legal departments, forensic experts, and compliance officers across various institutions and organizations
Our mission is to provide training, education, and support to security managers and leaders, contributing to the sustainable development of Ukraine.
Transparency: We uphold transparency as a core value, fostering open communication and accountability in all our interactions.
Integrity: Our commitment to integrity guides our actions, ensuring honesty, ethics, and trustworthiness in everything we do.
Governance: We prioritize effective governance, promoting responsible decision-making and adherence to ethical standards.
Education: Education is at the heart of our mission, empowering individuals to excel in security management through continuous learning and skill development.
Resilience: We embrace resilience as a fundamental trait, helping professionals navigate challenges and adapt to ever-changing security landscapes.
TIGER: These values collectively represent our dedication to excellence in security management and sustainable development in Ukraine.
Our vision is to elevate education by delivering services of impeccable quality and ensuring inclusivity for all.
Our courses
Security standards
Course format:
Author's course by Yurii Kohut
Modern threats to the security of companies and banks
Security management: developing corporate standards
Course format:
Regulatory documentation in the security system
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Who teaches
All our lecturers are practitioners with extensive experience in
corporate security and teaching
Yurii Kohut
03115, Ukraine
Kyiv city, 121-b Peremohy Ave., of. 224

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